Elder Scrolls Online’s ‘personalities’ are a roleplayer’s dream

Elder Scrolls Online’s ‘personalities’ are a roleplayer’s dream

Roleplayers, today’s Elder Scrolls Online blog post is going to make you super happy. ZeniMax is teasing a new feature called Personalities, the first of which arrives as part of the Dark Brotherhood DLC next week.

“As with previous DLC game packs, you’ll receive a unique reward for either purchasing Dark Brotherhood or simply by having access to it through ESO Plus. When you first step foot on the Gold Coast, you’ll be awarded with the Assassin Personality. Personalities are a new feature that change how your character stands, walks, and even performs some emotes. You’ll be able to mix-and-match a Personality with your favorite costumes, skins, and hats so they can be active all at once!”

Check out a video of a dark and broody character showing off his dark and broody personality via flipping knives and cutting apples below. (No seriously, it’s actually really cool and very reminiscent of some of the “moods” from legendary MMORPGs like Star Wars Galaxies).

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