Elite: Dangerous’ Engineers patch is now live

That's going to take an engineer to fix, ironically.

Fans of Elite: Dangerous have been waiting for the most recent patch for quite some time. The darn thing just seemed to keep getting delayed and pushed back, to the point when it seemed that Horizons would be patched to version 2.2 before it ever hit 2.1. But the time for waiting is over, and the Engineers update has arrived for both console players and PC players!

Sort of. The console players can’t actually play the parts of the patch linked to Horizons until that expansion launches on the console. Same difference.

A trailer is available just below if you’d like to drum up your excitement, or you can read through the full patch notes. There’s also a compiled list of the patch highlights from Reddit, since the full patch notes are quite lengthy (as patch notes are wont to be). But we imagine most players will be just happy that it’s here after a seemingly interminable wait.

Source: Patch notes, Reddit, YouTube (trailer); thanks to Cotic for the tip!

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