Final Fantasy XIV unveils its trailer for patch 3.3

You’ve heard about everything that’s coming with Final Fantasy XIV‘s next major patch. The Final Steps of Faith. The Weeping City of Mhach. Sohr Khai. New moogle quests. More of the main scenario. Lots of stuff, in other words. So wouldn’t you like to see all of that in action ahead of its June 7th release date? Because that’s what trailers are for, and there’s one available just below for the patch.

It’s a lengthy trailer at eight minutes, running through the game’s big additions in sequence. If you’ve missed out on one of the various previews along the way, you can also catch up on the patch mini-site running down the big features, from big stuff (all of what was listed above) to little stuff (new hairstyles, new Ironworks-themed crafting recipes, and so forth). Check out the trailer and get pumped for June 7th.

Source: Official Site; thanks to Khalith for the tip!

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