Landmark announces a June 10th launch date

Springlike, sort of?

It’s a little later in the “spring” than expected, depending on how strictly you adhere to the season or the solstice, but it’s finally happening: Landmark is launching on June 10th. Yes, it’s really happening. If you’ve already bought into the testing of the game, you will have automatic access to the full game at no extra charge; everyone who has not been involved will need to pick up the game at $9.99.

However you get in, the game will still have a cash shop at launch. Founders packs will still be on sale until June 6th, with Trailblazers getting a 48-hour head start to the launch game starting on June 8th. Anyone who purchased a Trailblazer pack can also apply to have a name in the credits, with a more generous deadline of June 30th. Launch day is almost here, so get ready to start building and exploring for real in just a little less than two weeks.

Source: Official Announcement; thanks to everyone who sent this in!