Skyforge introduces a floating robot companion for everyone

I'm going to write that MMO about the snarky robot I always wanted to!

Your journey through the world of Skyforge could not be in any way called devoid of robots. It would be difficult to even say that the game is rocking insufficient robots. There are lots of robots in the game all over the place. But you’re also pretty much always smashing the heck out of them, and you certainly don’t have a sassy robot companion following you around all the time. The designers have recognized this oversight, and thus you can look forward to the imminent introduction of the Autonomous Robot Companion, or ARC for short.

ARC provides all player characters an extra source of damage in combat, complete with customization options for players to design their ideal robot buddies. In the future, there will be more options to use different sorts of robot companions to provide similar functions, but even the most basic model should be useful. We can’t tell you exactly when you’ll be getting your little floating robot buddy, but it’s enough to know that you will get a robot buddy.

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