The Crew boasts five million players

The Crew boasts five million players

Would you believe that The Crew has five million players? Because apparently it has indeed just hit the five million mark, which is the sort of revelation that’s going to prompt one of two reactions. You’re either going to be completely stunned about this and wonder why in the world the developers go on to talk about Easter eggs after that revelation, or you’ll be wholly unsurprised and more interested in reading about the Easter eggs before having your meal of freshly cooked emu meat.

Or maybe it’ll be ostrich. Some large flightless bird or another, that’s the important point.

It probably doesn’t need to be said, but the definition of “player” isn’t clearly put forth here – it could mean five million registered users, five million copies bought, or five million concurrent players right now. Probably not the last one, though. Still, it’s a big milestone for the game regardless. And if that’s not really your speed, hey, Easter egg rundown.

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