WRUP: Thankfully, pangolins are real edition

They exist.

I don’t know why we don’t see more pangolins in fantasy stories, but I love them. Not just because they’re adorable, although that certainly helps; no, it’s because pangolins are very strange-looking animals for those of us who grew up in places where they don’t exist. Somehow, they look even more exotic than armadillos. I do not know why we don’t see more pangolins scurrying around in fantasy stories, reminding everyone that the real world can be a strange and magical and wonderful place.

Whenever you feel down, look up some pangolin pictures. They just look calming. You probably shouldn’t own one as a pet, but you should be comforted by the thought that pangolins exist. And you should also be comforted by taking part in What Are You Playing, with our own weekend plans down below and the comments eagerly awaiting your own. Comfort all around.

Andrew Ross (@dengarsw): Oh god, I don’t even know. I’ll finally have my gaming laptop as I’m returning to the states for a short visit (for now…?), which also means my weekend’s a bit longer due to my time traveling. When not trying to finish some writing before my flight (andduring it), I’ll be playing Hyrule Warriors Legends¬†for probably the last time in awhile due to the whole “You need to drive in LA” thing. For flexing my new lappy’s powers, I want to at least hit up Overwatch (maybe just a little Hearthstone), but if work priorities and family allow, I want to try jumping into Project Genom. Looking for some cyborg goodness!

Brianna Royce (@nbrianna, blog): Still playing Diablo III here, though I know when I finish the characters I’m working on, I’ll probably put the game away until next season. A reader gave me some great tips on how to properly pull my Demon Hunter from mothballs, so that’s been helpful! After that, though, I’m not sure – I love that feeling when you’re perched on the edge of a summer full of possibilities.

Eliot Lefebvre (@Eliot_Lefebvre, blog): I’ve got plenty to do in both Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy XIV, and I’m also still dipping into Overwatch on the regular; it’s a good game for short bursts of playtime, and I’ve got things to write about it. That should keep me fairly well occupied for the weekend.

MJ Guthrie (@MJ_Guthrie, blog): Imagine all of the cool racing and driving games… and I am playing none of them. Instead, I am literally driving on real freeways all weekend, and the law apparently frowns upon high speeds and rowdy antics. Go figure. No reliving Grand Theft Auto Online for me! If I make it home and don’t collapse, I might try and log into ARK: Survival Evolved just to relax by being eaten by dinos.

Your turn!