Dungeons & Dragons Online is working on new classic adventure modules


It’s always nice to know the future plans for your favorite game, partly because it’s just nice to know that the team isn’t simply hoping to keep the lights on until Tuesday. Dungeons & Dragons Online fans have a new producer’s letter to read, and it includes far more elaborate plans than simply keeping the lights on; the team is working on deploying new classic adventure modules and looking at new mechanics, new class improvements, and even some additional races.

The first item on the agenda is the addition of new classic modules in the form of the A1-A3 series, the Assault on the Slave Lords. There’s also talk of reworking and improving the Augment system to work more like the Legendary Greensteel crafting slots, rather than the current setup where each interaction is hand-built. There are also plans to examine the Monk and Favored Soul next for class reviews, and perhaps even bring the Tiefling and Aasimar races to DDO. So there’s lot to look forward to, even if there isn’t a timeline for when much of it will be accomplished.

Source: Official Site; thanks to DDO Central for the tip!

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