Kings and Heroes launches into Early Access today

look out it is a spider

Do you feel a hole in your life that can only be filled by a first-person dungeon crawler with online co-op and procedural generation of dungeons? If so, you have remarkably specific needs in your life. You are also lucky, because Kings and Heroes is launching into Early Access today, and it provides exactly all of that. Which is admittedly why we specified all of those criteria up there. It’s not a first-person horse-grooming simulator.

The game is boasting a seamless open world along with six different character races and plenty of deep dungeons to hack through, alone or with friends. Players can also look forward to having plenty of different items to accumulate, with the added stinger that dying in a dungeon is the end to that run rather than just requiring the group to rally from defeat. Add in some player crafting and plenty of elaborate monsters to fight, and you have everything you could ask for to fill that first-person dungeon crawler need.

Source: Steam page; thanks to Barcs for the tip!
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