Chronicles of Elyria developers discuss rope bridge development

Ah, because you're awesome. That's your selling point.

There’s no question at this point about whether or not Chronicles of Elyria will be funded. There is, however, some question of whether or not it will fork, launch, and be positively received. Why is this ambitious game going to succeed when other ambitious games have failed? According to an update on the game’s official Kickstarter page, the answer comes down to rope bridges. Not in the sense that the game features more of them, but in terms of developmental philosophy.

The idea is that a rope bridge is the minimum necessary structure to get from one side of a gorge to another; while it’s not permanent, it’s enough to be flexible and to cross a gap. Development on CoE has been moving with that same philosophy, building the minimum necessary, testing it, and then iterating on that basic development. The actual description is a fair bit more involved, but the hope is that the philosophy will allow the development team to be more flexible and more open to changing needs.

Source: Kickstarter
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