Elder Scrolls Online permabans scores of cheaters


There are few things more aggravating in online games than to clearly see people use hacks to cheat their way into riches and power, especially when reporting them seems to do nothing. That’s why it’s a cause to celebrate when a game cracks down on players who use third-party software to get ahead in the game, such as yesterday’s announcement from Elder Scrolls Online.

According to ZeniMax, the devs upped their detection software and caught 43 players in the act. The penalty? Permabans for all, with the promise of more to come to those still using these cheats.

“We’ve adjusted our automatic anti-cheat systems to focus specifically on the cheats we’ve seen in the last few days, in addition to launching investigations on specific players,” the studio wrote. “We’ve permanently banned 43 players in the last 24 hours who were found to be cheating. We don’t take cheating lightly, and will continue to ban those who are found to be cheating. We’ll be going back through game logs to identify players who were violating our anti-cheating policies in the hours before we performed the automatic cheat detection adjustment.”

Source: Official forums via Reddit
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Henry Ivan

ZeniMax caught 40+ players using hacks and 3rd party apps like cheat engine back in spring of 2016 and they gave them all permabans, Then few months later decided to lift the bans on those players and allow them back to the game. These same cheaters are still using cheats to get to the top of the leader boards and still using bots to farm gold/mats. If you are reported ALOT of times for cheating ZeniMax devs will give you a 72hr ban but has not permabanned anyone for cheating since! I have seen a player in pvp get killed and was able to revive himself over and over non stop while 10+ players sat on top of him waiting for him to revive again to kill him again, all of us reported him but he is still playing the game no ban at all. ESO devs are known to play the game and I highly suspect them to be involved with the cheating! #esosupportscheaters