Rebuild civilization after its collapse in Edengrad


What would you do if you woke up in post-apocalyptic settings? If your answer is, “Rebuild as fast as possible so that civilization can get back to tweeting about useless celebrities,” then you and Edengrad have a lot to discuss.

Created by Polish developer Huckleberry Games, Edengrad looks to be more of a survival sandbox than a traditional MMO romp through the world. Players are encouraged to build up towns together and fight off enemies coming from all quarters.

Huckleberry wants people to know that it’s not merely aping DayZ and Minecraft: “Despite the fact that Edengrad is crafting survival game, it would be hard to compare our game to those two previously mentioned. Gameplay in Edengrad have many significant differences to the gameplay presented in the DayZ, so once again THOSE ARE TWO DIFFERENT GAMES.”

Right now Edengrad is running a Kickstarter campaign to raise $56,384. If all goes well, the game will come to Steam Early Access this fall.

Source: Edengrad, Kickstarter. Thanks Kinya for the tip!

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