Shroud of the Avatar creates a network of player helpers


Last week, Shroud of the Avatar rolled out Release 30 for the game’s community, which means that this MMO is now within striking distance of Release 32 and its official-unofficial sort-of launch. To help newer players keep from feeling lost or bewildered, Portalarium has set up a player network of volunteers to assist newbies (or even frustrated veterans).

The hospitaller system is made up of both player volunteers and “refueling stations” that span the game world. The idea is to have experts on hand to provide advice or, in the absence of those, provide special buildings that host written guides and stock up on goodies for hospitallers to give out to newbies.

In the recent newsletter, the team gave players an advance look at a new area under development, Brittany Alleys, as well as screenshots of the latest tropical island player town template. Those who have pledged high enough to warrant a name reservation are encouraged to log in before Release 32 to secure their oh-so-special handles.


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