Battleground Europe gives free access for its 15th birthday


If you’re looking for long-running MMOs that have somehow survived the ravages of time and advancing technology, you should at least tip your hat to Battleground Europe. Originally launched as World War II Online back in 2001, this combined arms MMO is turning 15 years old this month.

Because this milestone is a “big deal,” according to the devs, Battleground Europe is welcoming both veteran and new players into the game with a special promotion. For the entire month of June, everyone who logs in can enjoy premium access.¬†Additionally, there will be several events during the month, including an AMA, a parade, and a “throwback event” on June 18th during which the devs will reset the map to as close to the launch layout as possible.

There’s also a quick bullet-point list to bring returning players up to speed. It notes that there’s a new team and leadership handling the title and that Battleground Europe is still enjoying ongoing development.

Source: June 2016 briefing. Thanks Styopa for the tip!
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