Black Desert’s karma patch has enraged the PvP community


Black Desert has a small patch out today, bringing to an end Mother’s Day events and extending both the Rum and Black Stone events. There’s a respectably sized cash shop update with stable slots, horse barding, and furniture; new tier 6 and 7 horses; and a slew of advancement quests for the gathering, cooking, alchemy, and processing life skills. The tweak getting the most attention, however, is this one:

“Players with 0 or more Karma will no longer lose EXP when they die to another player in PvP.”

In other words, ganking innocents with positive karma will no longer cost the victims experience, but repeat gankers with low karma will continue to lose experience when they are defeated. PvPers are denouncing the change as a “game-killing” move in favor of carebears, newbies, or casuals — take your pick — but the real issue seems to be one faced by many PvP games with similar notoriety systems: There’s a whole new world of positive-karma griefplay on the table. Oh, and it might be harder to hold on to a favorite grind spot now. Seriously, people are pissed about that specifically.

Today’s patch was originally meant to include the massive Valencia update, but Daum announced last week that it planned to delay Valencia to solve technical issues with the siege mode in the western build of the game as well as improve the game’s security and fortifications against hackers and bots.

Source: Official forums, thread, Reddit. Cheers, Koyoshi.

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