Chronicles of Elyria announces SpatialOS platform integration


Soulbound Studios has just announced that Chronicles of Elyria will team up with a tech startup called Improbable to make use of its SpatialOS platform. CEO Jeromy Walsh says that the platform is how the studio will “get a hundred thousand players spread across the largest geographic area in a video game to date” in a timeframe that is “faster than most people think possible, and with a smaller team.”

“SpatialOS is a distributed operating system that enables developers to create simulations inhabited by millions of complex entities, and allows game worlds and other simulated environments to run seamlessly on thousands of servers in the cloud,” reads today’s press release. “In order to create the dynamic and immersive MMORPG experience in Chronicles of Elyria, Soulbound Studios will be building their Soulborn Engine and the rest of the Chronicles of Elyria back-end on the foundation of SpatialOS. With support for load balancing, recovery, replication, and cross-process communication, SpatialOS provides the core fabric and infrastructure required for Chronicles of Elyria.”

The game’s Kickstarter is set to successfully fund later this week. Massively OP’s own Andrew Ross explored the game’s anticipated features and mused on its challenges in a long-form piece yesterday.

Source: Press release
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