Blade & Soul’s Vengeance Breaks update has arrived


The main story of Blade & Soul starts off with a very clear tale of revenge. Some lady shows up, wrecks your stuff, and you set off to find her and wreck her face. It’s a tale as old as people having stuff to wreck. The most recent major patch for the game finally allows you to bring closure to that arc, with the player character finding Jinsoyun and getting a chance at enacting vengeance. But there’s plenty more in the patch, so you’ll have a reason to stick around even after your face-wrecking session is well and truly done.

Players have an array of new dungeons to explore in the patch, including the six-person trip through Heaven’s Mandate that brings you face-to-face with Jinsoyun. There’s also the new pet system and a host of other mechanical changes and updates to make the game more balanced and more fun. Check out the full patch notes and get in the game to start getting that sweet, sweet revenge.


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