Someone is already level 100 in Overwatch

The large old German man is not the villain. Groundbreaking!

Overwatch player FenderOverwatch has successfully reached the level 100 cap on Tuesday, just a week since its formal launch. You can all give up now.

The feat took him 92 hours over the course of that week, which comes out to about 13 hours a day. About a third of it was spent playing Pharah.

In other Overwatch news, pro Korean e-sports caster Erik “DoA” Lonnquist tweeted out some intriguing stats that shed light on how Blizzard’s latest title is performing at gaming cafes in his neck of the woods. According to Lonnquist, Overwatch has crossed the 20% threshold for playtime share, a seemingly dramatic shift coming partly at League of Legends’ expense.

Source: Twitter, more Twitter, Reddit via VG247. Thanks, Sorenthaz!
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