You can now adopt a cybernetic companion in Skyforge


Everyone needs a floating robotic companion in their lives, yes? Skyforge thinks so, at least, which is why it’s giving all players the opportunity to enslave a little cybernetic pet for a lifetime of glorious service.

The Cybernetic Alliance patch┬áthis week unlocks the ARC companion for players. This pet can not only be visually customized but upgraded to loot items; it can even revive its master’s corpse. There’s a promotion going on through June 15th for players to snag a special visual model for the ARC bot, although it’ll take a little work. The patch also includes some class rebalancing and new D2 distortions.

You can get pumped up for the update by watching the amusing trailer after the jump. Is this video trying to tell us that we’re all couch potatoes?

Source: Patch notes
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