Final Fantasy XIV 3.3 patch notes include raid finder, materia melding NPCs


Today is not the day for players to actually take on the new challenges present in Final Fantasy XIV‘s next major patch. That’ll be on Tuesday of next week, after an extended maintenance for new housing areas. But the patch 3.3 notes are already available, and players who just can’t wait another minute to get a peek at all of the content landing on June 7th can pick through the information therein with a fine-tooth comb if they so desire.

While many aspects of the patch have already been discussed in depth – the new dungeons, the Weeping City of Mhach, the trial against Nidhogg on the Final Steps of Faith – there are new features as well, such as new materia melding NPCs that require nothing more than a fee of gil and materia to improve your gear. There are more side quests following up with the end of the main scenario questline from this patch without explicitly being a part of it. Adjustments have been made to several job actions, and the new Raid Finder will allow players to queue up for older Savage content. Check out the full patch notes to get yourself ready for the full patch landing in a couple of days.