Marvel Heroes’ third anniversary offers free heroes, team-ups, and more


By the hammer of Thor, it’s Marvel Heroes’ anniversary once again! Best time of the year, it is. While some MMOs mark their birthdays with some lame fireworks and useless titles, Marvel Heroes carves out an entire month to deliver events and beneficial presents to its players.

For its third birthday, Marvel Heroes has a lot in store for superheroes. Starting tomorrow, players can log on every day for free slices of birthday cake (and chances to earn more). These can be redeemed at a vendor for a free hero token, an Iron Man team-up, a potted Groot pet, and other rewards from previous anniversaries. Beginning at 2 p.m. EDT today, the team will be streaming the festivities on the official Twitch channel.

Every week this month will see an assortment of popular bonuses and events return, including Midtown Madness and Operation Omega. There’s even a new danger room scenario coming later in June starring Cable.

So which free hero will you be claiming this year?

Source: Official forums, press release. Thanks Nordavind for the tip!