Swordsman launches the Lone Wanderer expansion

All by myself etc.

The latest expansion for Swordsman should improve any and all of your bird-related adventures with the new Falconer class. Falconers, to the surprise of no one, can use a trained falcon to attack their foes. It’s not like a class named “Falconer” would throw rocks at its enemies or train dogs, after all. The good news is that the expansion includes plenty of things if you’re perfectly happy with your current class and its lack of bird-based attacks.

The Lone Wanderer expansion also ups the game’s level cap to 99 and adds in the Scenery Stone system to allow characters even greater heights of power. There are also new Glass Weapons, which are quite powerful rather than being the sort of sword that shatters the second you swing it at something. Players are being offered a free mount to celebrate the update’s release, with a code included in the patch notes; it’s available until June 30th.