Das Tal outlines plans for its summer alpha test in July

Oh, boy, poison swamps!

The next major Das Tal alpha event is taking place in July, and it will leave you dying in the poison swamps. That is a thing that will happen. The servers go online on July 16th at 10 a.m. EDT and will stay online constantly for two weeks’ time, during which you will repeatedly die if you go to the poison swamps. These swamps are a new addition to the game’s map, which is three times the size of the previous map and still features the infinitely safer desert and mountain biomes.

Players will also be able to use the new phalanx weapon set with a spear and shield to deploy powerful crowd control and support abilities, although this will not prove useful against the creeping poison of swamps literally made out of the stuff. There are also plans to bring in the first tutorial, a solo player challenge system, and a number of new structures that will surely be lost should you try erecting them within the boundaries of the accursed poison swamp. You have a bit more than a month to get ready for the next test; do not go into the poison swamp once it starts.

It’s a swamp made of poison. Why would you go there?