Revelation Online is coming westward, taking beta signups


NetEase and have announced that they are bringing Revelation Online westward. The steampunk-fantasy flavored MMO soft launched in China last year and boasts six classes with no gender locks, a flight system, climbing and diving, multiphase 20-man raiding, and multiple PvP modes, including castle siege. Aerial PvP is a thing here too.

No business model has been announced so far. In regard to regional parity, says, “At launch, the game will be feature complete. Cosmetic additions and looks that the western community are accustomed to, are currently being discussed with the developers. The localization and testing of the Chinese new content will cost several months.”

Signups for the closed beta are open on the official site; it’s currently planned for this coming fall. Check out the trailers below!

Source: Official site. Thanks, Feodor!

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