Star Wars: The Old Republic producer’s stream discusses the penultimate expansion chapter

Players have struggled against Emperor Arcann and the Eternal Fleet for some time now, but Star Wars: The Old Republic‘s next story chapter will be all about taking that fleet down in one movement. A raid on an Eternal Fleet battleship will be undertaken with the end goal of taking control of the fleet, dealing with the GEMINI units and their connection to Scorpio. The most recent producer’s stream (which you can watch below) also revealed that the chapter will allow players to recruit the failed Jedi trainee Guss into the fold.

Subscribers will receive early access as well as a special wall decoration. Players can also look forward to a galaxy-wide competition between the light side and the dark side, with an event tracking all player decisions across multiple characters to determine the nature of a new companion that has never been seen before. If you don’t have time to watch the full archive just below, you can check out the summary from Dulfy.

Source: YouTube, Dulfy