Final Fantasy XI introduces new quests and Ambuscades for June

Well-told, but not well-planned.

The June version update of Final Fantasy XI should make your life just a little bit easier. Are you tired of walking everywhere in Xarcabard? You can use mounts there now. Are some of the quest objectives you’re tracking just a bit too annoying? Quest irritations have been widely reduced. Do you want to find out what happens to Arciela after the end of Seekers of Adoulin? There’s a new quest about exactly that. The list goes on.

The version update also brings new Records of Eminence objectives and a new month of potential Ambuscade rewards and items. It’s not a grand amount of new content, but it’s enough to make existing content less irritating to get through, and considering the massive amount of content in the game, you’ve probably got plenty of backlog to work through.