Leap into MMO blogging with the Newbie Blogger Initiative


True fact: Many Massively OP writers got their start in the field by writing their own blogs. These platforms were great places to share opinions on games, build up a portfolio, and establish an audience of like-minded players. We have so much respect for what bloggers put out there every day that we’ve even made it a point to run a regular column highlighting their contributions to MMO discussions.

If you’ve ever thought about giving MMORPG blogging a try, then this is the month for you. The blogging community has brought back the Newbie Blogger Initiative (NBI), an annual event founded back in 2012 designed to encourage, advise, and support fledgling bloggers. Veteran bloggers are writing guides on how to blog all month long while throwing out links to start-ups and struggling blogs.

Sound interesting? Then you can check out the official NBI site, follow the Twitter feed, and chat with all of the NBI participants on the Discord channel for more information. When you get your new blog going, make sure to post about it in the newbie check in channel on Discord.