Paragon’s $60 Essentials Edition will get you into the game right now


Those enviously watching Paragon testers and feeling left out of the fun have an option to get into the game right now, as long as they have a wad of disposable income to fling at Epic Games. A new Essentials Edition for the MOBA has gone on sale, giving any purchasers the privilege of jumping into the beta test right away.

The Essentials Edition, which is going for $60 at many major retailers, includes beta access, in-game currency equivalent to the cost of the pack, five hero master challenges, five skins (including an exclusive wasteland twinblast skin), and five reputation boosts good for three wins apiece.

The launch trailer for the Essentials Edition is below, but be warned: Once you watch it, your life will never be the same again.

Source: Paragon

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