Shards Online hopes for Steam Greenlighting, plans stress testing


Shards Online is gunning for Steam with the start of its Greenlight campaign today, originally planned for April. Citadel Studios says that it “will be starting major stress testing of the official servers and the player-run shards […] in the coming weeks”; it has its sights set on early access for PC with Mac and Linux to follow.

Did I just say player-run shards? I did indeed. Shards’ hook is that in addition to its formal servers (“one with a well-balanced set of gameplay, a hardcore PvP battle-royale, and even one featuring permanent character death”), players are invitedĀ to plan and run their own shards at no extra cost and then cluster together with other self-hosted gameworlds whether public or private. And lest you be tempted to deem it not-an-MMO, recall that Shards can host “thousands” of users at a time.

Check out the greenlight trailer below!

Source: Newsletter, official site, Steam

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