Star Trek Online details its fabulous non-spacecraft rewards for this year’s summer festival

Serious game.
You can earn yourself a powerful new starship in Star Trek Online’s summer festival on Risa. That’s wonderful. But the respect that such a ship brings comes entirely from the fear of its weapons and its capabilities. By contrast, if you stride onto the bridge in silver lamé swimwear with inexplicable go-go boots and gloves, everyone will respect you forever. They’ll respect you so much that they’ll request transfers to other ships just because they’re inadequate in the face of your glory.

Players not interested in earning the right to march about with chest hair and torso straps will still have plenty of stuff to purchase from the event, including new vanity pets, new floaters, new mini-powerboards, and all of the rewards offered in previous years. So you could also step onto the bridge with a new pet whilst wearing a bright silver outfit that could only be considered swimming attire by someone feeling very generous with the definition. That’s the sort of respect you can’t get from just a spaceship.

Source: Official Site; thanks to Jay for the tip!