AdventureQuest 3D tests its first multi-room dungeon


Cross-platform MMO AdventureQuest 3D recently reached a major milestone in its development with the addition of its first multi-room dungeon, Barrow Downs. Following feedback, the devs posted a blog discussing some of the possibilities of how they will be molding the dungeon system in response to players’ input.

“This is only our first dungeon and it’s really more of a test to see if the multi-room dungeon functionality works (it does!),” the post states. “It’s small and low-level, but future dungeons will have more rooms, traps, puzzles, parkour areas, bosses with special abilities, dialogues, full cutscenes, lots more loot (of course), and lots of other challenges and surprises, many of which already work in the Doomwood Tower dungeon (in testing, coming soon!)!”

Still confused about what AdventureQuest 3D is, even after reading our preview? Check out the following hands-on video after the jump to get a better feel for this upcoming game.


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