Final Fantasy XIV reveals its E3 plans

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Are you already tired of Final Fantasy XIV‘s most recent patch? If so, well, what the heck do you want? You got a whole bunch of new content, it’s been two days, could you really be that eager to dive into the Palace of the Dead? Because the bad news is that you won’t be able to do so just yet, while the good news is that the Palace will be the primary focus of the game’s presentation at E3.

Players can expect a new live letter from producer Naoki Yoshida and a discussion of the Palace of the Dead content which is due out in patch 3.35, along with general patch 3.3 questions. There will also be battle challenges against Sephirot and a fat chocobo statue for people to climb upon if you’re on the show floor. So keep your eyes peeled next week; sure, the content of this patch is pretty fresh, but there’s still more stuff to look forward to in the near future.