Lord of the Rings Online reveals new raid bosses, starts spring festival

Like the tides and fashion, raids in MMOs fall in and out of popularity in any given title. Lord of the Rings Online has had a long and bumpy road with its raiding game, with Turbine at times shying away from it altogether and at other times embracing it whole-heartedly.

The fantasy MMO is swinging back to the “embracing” side of the spectrum with its upcoming 18.2 update. Two of the six new raid bosses have been revealed for the so far-unnamed instance: giant Orc Rakothas and war elephants called Mumakils. The studio said that the update should be out by the end of June.

Until then, players can enjoy the reactivated Spring Festival, complete with new dyes, a spiffy steed, and flashy cosmetics. According to the game’s calendar, the festival will run through the 21st.


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