The Division subtracts 30,000 cheaters from its playerbase

Stop, woman, no crying.

Cheaters are not wanted in The Division. They’re not wanted in any game, really, but Ubisoft is taking a harder line against cheaters by taking action against 30,000 accounts. This action led to 3,800 permanent bans and many more temporary suspensions, ensuring that anyone caught as a cheater is going to be just a bit more cautious before trying the same thing again.

But the action doesn’t stop there; Ubisoft is preventing recidivism by keeping players from getting a second chance in the first place. Moving forward, players who get caught using cheat engines can say hello to a shiny new permanent ban for a first offense. It’s unclear how a second offense would take place, at that point, but you probably don’t want to know how hard the company would come down on you. In short, don’t cheat.


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