Paragon plans major gameplay overhaul, August 16 open beta


Epic has announced that “free open beta” for its gritty MOBA Paragon will begin on August 16th.

Two letters to the community today suggest that radical changes are on the way for the game. “We know we’re lacking in some key areas – few strong hero roles, aberrant roaming deathmatch strategies (‘Deathball’), and most importantly, a lot of the core ‘feeling’ that MOBAs give,” writes Lead Hero Designer Cameron Winston. To that end, Epic aims to remove travel mode, add teleport, alter card power sharing, reduce lane minions, adjust match length, introduce draft mode, and rebalance heroes — much of which is going live in next week’s patch, previewed in the video walkthrough below.

Epic has also posted a reveal trailer for Khaimera, “a melee fighter who specializes in disrupting team fights with close-up encounters.” He goes live later this month.

Source: Press release, beta announcement, meta, patch

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