World of Warcraft: Legion is getting an animated Illidan short

Just whenever you get around to us, it's cool.

Considering that Illidan Stormrage is the origin of all of the Demon Hunters double-jumping around in World of Warcraft: Legion you wouldn’t be surprised to learn that he’s a pretty important lore figure. Blizzard revealed yesterday that the master of preparation himself will be getting a new series of animated shorts to coincide with the release of Legion in much the same manner as the Overwatch shorts, a chance to examine the lore behind the character outside of the game’s confines.

No definitive release date has been announced, but with Legion due out in about two months, “soon” is a given. The developers also revealed that they’re considering implementing the level scaling technology to the old world that currently exists in the Broken Isles, assuming it works well there, which is good news for players tired of leveling past their favorite storylines.


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