E3 2016: MMORPG sandbox Dual Universe’s alpha gameplay trailer

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We got our first look at sci-fi MMORPG sandbox Dual Universe back in February when it first hinted at an alpha and announced its sandbox features — including walking on planets, so to speak. Since then, developer Novaquark upped the ante by calling it a truly “boundless” massively multiplayer title. And hey, lookie here, it brought a trailer to E3!

“All the footage used for the trailer were captured in-game from a pre-alpha build. Starting with a camera view zooming in from space into a colorful planet revealing landscape and environmental details such as oceans, mountains and forests, a pilot enters a space ship that he can customize on the fly before taking off. The space ship zips through the planet’s atmosphere in a third person view and continues to travel through space seamlessly passing by a massive space station and other space crafts before it dives down through the atmosphere of another planet to land above a futuristic city located inside the banks of a desert valley. Novaquark demonstrates that Dual Universe’ 64bit Planetary Engine enables smooth transitions from planet surfaces, through atmosphere and into space with no limits to how far the player can travel or see. It is also highlighting its Unlimited LOD (Level Of Detail) technology, coupled to smooth voxel edition, allowing planet-sized construction to be built, as well as large procedurally generated planets, revealed as players explore further and further.”

Source: Press release
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