Gloria Victis puts its best foot forward following early access launch


Following its early access release on Steam, Gloria Victis has gotten off to a good start with strong sales and fairly¬†positive user reviews. The studio is boasting that the medieval MMO has topped the chart for early access sales and risen to #14 in Steam’s bestsellers.

Reviewers seem to find aspects to both like and dislike about Gloria Victis. One player cited its graphics, music, and setting as the MMO’s strengths, while dinging it for a lack of guidance and needing a lot of work to flesh out the concept.

Currently the game is 10% off until June 16th, knocking the price down from $19.99 to $17.99. YouTuber TheLazyPeon took a closer look at Gloria Victis following its release, so check out his first impressions video after the break.

Source: Steam #1, #2


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