Star Trek Online shows off its 23rd century ship stats

I want to go back (go back)
When Star Trek Online launches Agents of Yesterday, players will be able to fly around in the ships of the line from the mid-23rd century rather than the early 25th century. That’s a bit of a transition. It’s also good cause for four new ships designs for players to fly through the stars, and the stats for those ships have just been revealed on the game’s official site for those eager to take on the new ship classes, each of which has interesting new traits on offer.

The Daedalus class is the science vessel of the bunch, able to fire a temporal probe to slow enemies while making use of a high natural turn speed. Perseus class escorts can utilize the M6 tactical computer for a massive weapon boost, while Gemini class cruisers can destabilize the area and weaken all nearby ships. Last but not least, Ranger-class battlecruisers can deploy phantom images that bait enemies into attacking and counter with powerful debuffs. Check out all of the stats on the official page, and get ready to start taking on enemies in classic style.


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