Get a prize for completing Black Desert Online siege warfare tutorial

When two tribes go to war, um... everything is great? Forgot the last part.

On June 15th, you can go to war in Black Desert Online. That means claiming territory, trying to defend that territory, being angry when you fail to defend that territory, and eventually apologizing to your friends for what you said while angry about failing to hold that territory. But what are the finer points of the system? The answers can be found within the full manual of siege warfare and an interactive tutorial for players.

After reading through the manual, players can log in and take part in a quick online tutorial explaining the nuances of the game’s siege warfare systems. Passing the tutorial will reward you with a free 7-day costume for a chosen character, as if to tell everyone, “Look, everyone! I passed the siege warfare tutorial!” Even if you haven’t the slightest interest in claiming and holding territory, it may provide enough motivation to check out the tutorial just for some pretty clothing¬†and prepare for Valencia’s siege system tomorrow.


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