How World of Warcraft raiders are helping the community get epic moose mounts


Here’s your feel-good gaming story for the day: When Blizzard gated a prestige mount behind World of Warcraft’s toughest raid, the community responded with a surprising initiative designed to help everyone get it.

Last fall, a much-anticipated moose mount was added to the game as one of the rewards for downing Archimonde in Hellfire Citadel on either heroic or mythic difficulty. The difficulty of the raid kept much of the community back from obtaining it — that is, until a group of well-geared raiders got together to create #FriendshipMoose.

The idea behind #FriendshipMoose is that at least once a week, these raidersĀ get together to carry a batch of lower-geared players through the Archimonde fight to get their moose for free. The raiders said that they wanted to show the positive side of the World of Warcraft community, that players could be there for each other instead of being elitist.

To date, thousands of moose have been obtained through #FriendshipMoose for players. It’s proven to be so popular that hopeful moose wranglers enter into a lottery system to be called into these runs.