Star Trek Online previews the Temporal Operative primary specialization

    I get the temptation, but you are not actually a captain.
    The Temporal Operative is the newest primary specialization for player characters in Star Trek Online. Or perhaps it’s the oldest. Things get really wonky when you start diving heavily into time travel, after all; you go to bed thinking everything is fine, then you wake up and find that you already did something to someone you haven’t met yet. And now you can be the person who screws that heavily with the flow of time! Hooray!

    Obviously, the game cannot give you actual control over the timestream, but it can allow you to employ all sorts of fun tricks like teleporting and immobilizing enemies who hit you, regenerating your ship’s health while you wheel around in reverse, and warping back to an earlier point in the battle if things start going south. The specialization will be available with the launch of Agents of Yesterday, so you should get ready to see it being used time and again.


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