The Reliant and Caterpillar will be Star Citizen’s next hangar-ready ships


Pulling together a game as complex as Star Citizen involves so many moving pieces and topics that it’s almost impossible to wrap your head around them. When that’s the case, you might as well tackle the scope 10 questions at a time, as is the case with a new community Q&A video.

In the video, RSI talked about divvying up the teamwork, the size of star systems, and the development of character creation.┬áThe devs also said that the small Reliant will be the next ship to be “hangar ready” for those who want to check out this zippy craft, followed by Caterpillar. The devs said that this ship will be chunky, with a jury-rigged industrial look.

Grab a mug of your favorite beverage and sit back for another engaging 10 for the Developers episode after the break!

Source: YouTube

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