Check out the randomly generated underground content in The Division’s expansion

Under the city.

You never know exactly what you’ll be getting in The Division‘s underground. You can be fairly certain it will involve going underground, of course, but the actual content therein is randomized, meaning that there’s always an element of chance to diving in and unleashing bullet-based justice on your enemies. It’s the central feature of the Underground expansion, and you can check out some of the gameplay in the video below by YouTube user Arekkz.

Players who think this all looks far too easy to provide any sort of convincing challenge can take heart that these randomly generated missions can also be undertaken in the new Heroic difficulty, making the enemies stronger and faster as they pour in from unexpected angles. And if that’s still too easy… well, we don’t know, maybe you could play with a blindfold on.

Source: YouTube via VG24/7

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