Devilian turns on megaserver tech, starts regular PvP event


The transition to Devilian’s new megaserver technology is complete. Trion Worlds has merged all of the game’s population into two plus-sized shards, one for North America and one for Europe. Europe’s server went online last week, while the North American one activated this past Monday.

These megaservers are capable of handling the game’s entire population and have accepted the transfer of all characters, equipment, and guilds. Players now have 12 character slots per account, and their shared banks and talisman inventory have been combined. Only guild rankings, player rankings, guild-controlled territories, and guild war points have been reset.

There’s also a new regular PvP event for the community to enjoy: Terror from the Depths. This PvP event takes place twice a week on Thursday and Saturday nights, calling up to 120 players to duke it out over a guardian tower. While all participants will be treated to rewards at the conclusion of each event, the winning side will naturally reap more.

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