Guild Wars 2 is giving female Charr and Asura precursor breast armor


While it’s been safe to assume for most MMOs that a female character of any race would have a bosom, Guild Wars 2 challenged that norm by presenting both Charr and Asura women as being fairly flat-chested — i.e., anatomically, they lack breasts.

However, not all the armor sets in the game got that memo. Sharp-eyed players on Reddit have noticed that both races’ versions of the the precursor Experimental Envoy armor highlights brand-new breasts where there were none before. While you might not be able to get these armor pieces yet, you can preview them in the game right now thanks to the wardrobe.

Some players have derided the change for being unnecessary and poorly done, while others note that this goes against ArenaNet’s stated character design for the Charr. It should be pointed out that Guild Wars 2 has often changed armor designs between the time players could preview them and when they went live in the game, so with luck, that’ll happen here too.

“It really didn’t make any sense to have boobs on a Charr female, particularly with all the effort we took to make her sleek and fierce,” Character Artist Kristen Perry famously wrote back in 2011. “We thought they should have no breasts at all or at least hide them under some fluffy fur. Above all else, we needed to be true to the race, of course! There was still some debate, however, so I gave them a choice: either be subtle and downplay the breasts (it wasn’t a point of the race, anyway) or go full-on realistic. Yes, that’s right — none or six!”

So that raises the question: Just where are the Charr’s other four breasts?


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