Star Trek Online talks about its new ‘classic’ ship designs and Temporal Defense reputation

Fans of the original Star Trek series (TOS) know that, due to budget and technological limitations, there weren’t a lot of different Starfleet ship designs in the show. Thus, for Star Trek Online: Agents of Yesterday, Cryptic’s art team had to whip up new “classic” models that aligned with the look of the 1960s TV show.

In a new dev blog, Concept Artist Hector Ortiz explains the challenge inherent in the project: “We decided they should be made to look like we had the same limitations the original team of creators in Star Trek TOS had in creating them. The lines are simple and very geometric. The ships, although elegant should look firstly utilitarian unlike other [Star Trek] series where design tended to have a higher prerogative. This set of ships was conceptualized almost at the same time as the 26th century ones since they share some geometry attributes. The idea was to create a sense of design evolution from the 23rd to 26th century.”

Also coming with Agents of Yesterday is a new reputation track. That’s why Star Trek’s voyages went on so long: The captains were grinding out reputation with various alien factions.

The Temporal Defense reputation can be raised by participating in two new queues and a battlezone. The rewards for pushing this rep to the top are substantial, with powerful traits, modules, equipment, and kits available as rewards.


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