TERA previews its July update, Aces Wild

Everybody having a very good time
The next big update for TERA is arriving in July, which isn’t far in the distance, but it’s not something that’s happening tomorrow. Still, that’s no reason for the development team not to start in on previews for the update. The first element previewed is a brand-new dungeon, Manglemire, the home of the twisted cyclops Manglemore. Apparently, he’s a consummate liar who attempts to trick anyone who engages him in combat.

It’s not mentioned in the preview whether or not he’s a good liar, so it’s possible his “trick” is to loudly claim that he loves being hit by weapons and hates having healing spells cast on him. That sort of thing.

Manglemire is for five players at level 65, so keep that in mind before you make any cyclops-stomping plans for July. The dungeon is only one piece of the overall update, so fans should keep their eyes peeled for more previews as the update draws closer.


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