Tree of Savior bans another 5000 exploiters for UI hack


Another week, another wave of mass-bannings in Tree of Savior. IMCGames announced yesterday that it’s banned 5,607 accounts that were using a UI hack that allowed them to remotely access the market, repairs, personal storage, and team storage outside of cities. According to the studio,

  • 1151 had already been permanently banned and therefore their status has not been altered
  • 3462 had been previously restricted and will now be banned permanently, as this is their second known offense
  • 994 will be banned for a total of 30 days, as this is their first known offense

“Please remember that addons which alter any elements of the gameplay are not allowed and are punishable by temporary or permanent ban,” says the studio.

In addition to patching out the access exploit, IMCGames has also restricted trading for new characters and noted that accounts attached to sanctioned or restricted Steam accounts will be similarly sanctioned or restricted in TOS itself.

Source: Official site. Thanks, Leiloni!

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