E3 2016: Check out actual Absolver gameplay footage

Faces are boring.

We still couldn’t tell you exactly what Absolver is. Sure, it’s probably not an MMO, but “online combat RPG” has no closer analogue. Heck, maybe we’re all reading the title wrong and it’s about a group of characters who attempt to solve problems with abs. Perhaps nine minutes or so of gameplay footage would help answer all of our questions; we could all just jump past the break and check that out in footage from the E3 floor.

If you’re wondering what lies within the video, spoiler warning: There is punching. And kicking. And dodging. Lots of all of the above, along with a high-level overview of how the game works and a glance at more ornate systems like editing your fighting stance. So it’s just the video to watch if you thought that punching was something in short supply.

Source: YouTube
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